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baby photo session side pose white wrap studio photography Wimbledon SW19 South West London


7 easy steps on planning for your newborn photo session

Congratulations! Your baby has arrived! It was the most beautiful moment in your life and you are now resting and can’t stop looking at your baby! Did I really produce the whole of new human being with these tiny fingers and tiny toes?

It is a perfect time to start thinking about your baby’s photo session! Believe me or not, this baby will grow faster than you can blink and won’t stay this tiny and sleepy for very long!

Best time for your newborn photo session is between 6-10 days old.

Why so early? I have a blog for it too!

Without any undue delay, let’s help you to prepare for your baby’s first ever photo session!

newborn photo session baby in a potato suck pose pink wrap baby girl in a teddy hat studio photography Wimbledon SW19 South West London
newborn photo session baby in a potato suck pose pink wrap baby girl in a teddy hat studio photography Wimbledon SW19 South West London

How to prepare the baby for a newborn photo session?

Dressing your baby right

Dressing the baby right is half the battle won! I find that many babies get upset when you put things on over the head or take it off over the head. Therefore, ahead of your newborn photo session, I don’t recommend dressing your baby in anything that doesn’t have got poppers in the middle or on the side (including the underlay bodice.

Instead, why not to dress your baby in the normal baby suit (with legs and arms attached) and then put on an extra cardigan that we will easily remove in the before your baby photo session.

Feeding your baby ahead of the newborn photo session

Feeding – give your baby a little feed just before you set off to the photo studio and then a big feed when you arrive. This will maximise the amount of time when your baby’s tummy is full and baby is content and happy, so we can crack on with the newborn photo session and create gorgeous portraits for your baby.

Please keep in mind  – your baby will feed more than usual during the photo session, because I move your baby a lot= in his or her sleep during the newborn photo session. So your baby will use up more calories than normal during the session and may get hungry sooner – totally normal and expected.

If your baby is bottle fed — just bring some extra milk with you, in case baby gets hungry ahead of his usual schedule.

Looking after Baby Skin

Skin – Baby’s skin is very soft and flaky. It dries up quicker than adult skin, whilst baby is developing the natural barrier to retain moisture.

I recommend applying some coconut oil on hands, feet, tummy and forehead avoiding hair line (otherwise hair will look greasy) before you set off for your newborn photo session.

Forgot your coconut oil at home? Worry not! Our fully equipped newborn photo studio has got some organic coconut oil available for your baby to use.

Clean the eyes

Ahead of your newborn photo session, please clean baby’s eyes paying the most attention to corners of the eyes. You may want to by using cotton wool with warm water or camomile tea; and cleaning the eyes from inner to the outer corner for best result. Make sure all eye lashes are cleaned and separated.

Bring a Dummy

Dummy – babies have got a very strong sucking instinct – it helps them to sooth themselves. Most babies may find it very soothing to have something to suck on and when the baby is already in the pose and just needs a little of help, dummy might be a perfect way to help your baby get back to sleep.

Please bring a dummy to the studio in case we need to use it. All babies are different, your baby may not necessarily take the dummy, but if he or she does, then it will be a great help during the newborn photo session.

Awake time

Awake time – now this may not be the easiest way of keeping a newborn baby awake – but its good if you can achieve it. Awake time means it is ideal if your baby stays awake for around 20 minutes right before the newborn photo session. So your baby will be tired enough (but not too tired) for a long sleep so needed for the successful newborn photo session. As most poses require baby to be asleep.

Here are a few little tips on keeping your baby awake ahead of the newborn photo session:

-Try arriving 20 minutes ahead of the photo session and take your baby out to a park. Make sure you engage and talk to the baby to keep him or her awake avoiding outing your baby to comfortable for sleep positions such as buggy or a sling

  • When the COVID  time is over, there is a wonderful coffee shop right around the corner from my studio that serves very nice authentic Italian coffee and very yummy deserts and lunches. It is called La Bottega Del Pane Treat yourself to a lovely coffee with a cake and in the meantime, undress your baby and also play and engage with the baby.
  • Engage with your baby, keep your baby away from dark comfy spaces perfect from sleeping open up any shaded hoods, unzip the onesie your baby is wearing a little, let some fresh air in, so baby is not too cupped up.

If all of the above fails – not a big deal, please don’t stress over it. I will calm and comfort your baby at the studio.

Bring change of clothes

T-shirt — Please bring an extra t-shirt for yourself – it is pretty hot in the studio, it may be wise to wear something lighter, so you can fully relax during your newborn photo session.

What to wear is one of the most common questions, I get asked. I have got some separate blogs on what shall Dad wear for the newborn photo session?

newborn photo session baby and sibling pose  on white background baby studio photography Wimbledon SW19 South West London
newborn photo session baby and sibling pose on white background baby studio photography Wimbledon SW19 South West London


VNo clothes without poppers or zip in the middle  
VCoconut oil on baby’s skin (avoid hair)  
VClean eyes
VSmall feed before you set off, big feed in the studio
VAwake time max for 20 minutes  
VT-shit for parents  

Would you like to learn more about newborn photo session? Get in touch! I will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have!

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