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DIY Newborn Photography

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While I’m unable to photograph your new addition (whilst pandemic lasts) I wanted to pass along this some tips and tricks on how you can still capture this fleeting moment — at home — with whatever camera you own!

(and yes, even your phone!)


First off, know that your photos are not going to look the same as professional photos, and that’s ok! But you are capturing some precious memories, and that is all that matters.

Babies are energy-based and will pick up on your anxiety and frustration, so just relax and go with the flow!

Turn up the thermostat so the room is warm, then give your baby a good feed, and be sure to burp them, so they are happy and sleepy! But remember that awake baby images are beautiful too!

In the Guide that I have created for you I will teach you how to wrap your baby in a simple full body wrap — you will learn what poses variations you can do with baby being fully wrapped, how to pose your baby safely, how does the light need to fall for the most flattering effect, what camera angles you need to use, what do you need to pay attention to and many more super useful tips for you to take beautiful images of your newborn baby.

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