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100% Stress free newborn photo session?


Keeping your baby comfortable and settled during the newborn photo session is key.  Let us discuss the importance of “baby led” posing during your newborn photo session, to understand how each baby prefers to be held and positioned, your baby has his own preferences too, doesn’t he?


I have always found being called “Baby whisperer” a little odd. Don’t get me wrong it is very flattering but please don’t believe it is a real thing. I am no magician and I don’t have magic dust that puts babies to sleep automatically. During my newborn photo session experience I have learned how to read babies cues to understand better what they need to keep them content, I will also show you what works to calm the baby and even stop them crying.

Every baby is different and there are no magic tricks, but knowing how to deal with every situation with every baby as it happens. And this only comes from doing your research and experience.

 I have spent the last three years learning newborn photography after dealing with two babies of my own and many client’s babies, learning from other newborn professionals like first aiders and doulas, and reading on the subject,  I have started to listen what is the message the baby is trying to communicate. 

Newborn baby of colour in a bowl wearing a brown all in one onsie on a beige and white background with wooden floor baby posed curled in a bowl cute baby boy professional newborn photo session in a Studio in Wimbledon South West London SW19
Newborn baby in a bowl wearing a brown all in one onsie on a beige and white background with wooden floor baby posed curled in a bowl cute baby boy professional newborn photo session in a Studio in Wimbledon South West London SW19


What does it mean to be baby led during the newborn photo session? Well, we all know that every baby is different and when photographing them you can’t tell them what to do. This is why as a newborn photographer, It is my job to know how to work with them, to understand their behaviour, regardless of whether they are awake, unsettled or sleepy during the newborn photo session so that I can provide to my clients with the products and services they came to me for.

When I hold a client’s baby for the first time, I spend a couple of minutes watching how they respond to my touch as I gently move their little arms and legs while holding them on my lap. I also watch to see how they are naturally lie, if they prefer to draw their legs up and curl into a ball, or arch their backs to stretch out.

Identifying baby’s preferred way to be held and positioned allows me to work through my newborn photo sessions smoothly, keeping babies comfortable and settled.


While I have studied and can implement lots of different poses for baby safely during our newborn photo session, it is important to know that not all babies will go comfortably into every pose. They are like just us. We all have our preferred way of sleeping and will spend time finding our comfy spot when we sit on a sofa of climb into bed.

it is important to know that not all babies will go comfortably into every pose. They are like just us.


Out of the 10 most popular poses that I do during my baby photoshoot , I also have a few that I find most  babies like so I usually start with them and then move on to more complex ones.

Being able to recognise a baby’s cues and responses helps me to identify which pose will be more suitable to each and every baby at the start and throughout your photography session.

During my baby led photography sessions I learn from baby’s reactions throughout the time in my studio which particular poses would be suited for your baby. This makes it easier and stress free to transition from one pose to the next to create a seamless process through the session which means baby get disturbed the least amount of times and stays settles well  throughout the session.

For example, if the baby is constantly arching his back, they might be more comfortable in the ‘Bum Up’ pose. If baby likes to bring their legs up and they draw their upper body into a ball like shape, they could be better suited to being wrapped on their back or the ‘Taco’ pose.


One of the most important things I always remember is to never pose a baby into a pose just for the sake of getting the shot!

Once the baby is in a pose, I will then take up to three or four different angels before moving the baby again.

That is why I would only ever attempt a Froggy pose when I feel the baby is in a very deep sleep, very calm and is generally happy for us to carry on. They might move their heads a little just to settle into the new position (which is something we all do finding our comfortable sleeping position), but I would abort this pose immediately when baby starts resisting with fussy, rigid movements/ crying continuously.

Newborn baby and Family Photographer in South West London Wimbledon Baby girl froggy pose newborn art photography froggy pose baby girl
Newborn baby girl in a froggy pose advanced newborn posing specialist photographer in South West London Studio in Wimbledon SW19

Just as a side note, Froggy pose is always done as a composite to maintain baby’s health and well-being with baby’s head to be supported at all times.

Interests and well-being of your baby is my top priority and maintain your baby safety and security is what I am trained to do during my photo sessions.

So of course we will discuss all of the poses that you would like to achieve during the newborn photo session, but where there is one or two that your baby does not like for some reason, I will just move on to the next one.

As a mother myself, I know that forcing baby into anything is counter productive and will only cause baby being upset, as well as mother’s heart starts racing in the natural instinct to help the baby. This is not a good move, so I would always move on to a different pose that baby is more comfortable with and not cause him any distress.

Baby Led posing during the photo session ensures that baby’s well-being, safety and interests are always put first. My studio is a space of rest and tranquillity. Transitional posing that is stress free is how the structure of the newborn photo session is created, so all the participants can enjoy their photography experience and love the photos that they have received at the end of it.

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