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Maternity Photo Session

Maternity Photo Session


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Maternity Photo Session

Book Pregnancy Photo Session

You’re counting down the days until your little one arrives! Depending on how you feel at this stage of your pregnancy, you may be unsure about whether you want to invest time and money into professional maternity photos. Maybe you’re self-conscious about the way your body looks or maybe you’re just not sure about the cost of a photo session. While it’s most important to make a decision that’s right for you and your personal needs, there are many reasons why maternity photos are definitely worth the investment and are a choice you won’t regret.


Why shall I book my Maternity Photo session?

40 miraculous weeks spent with your baby growing inside of you, there is so much to look forward to — naming a new human being, watching your partner turn into a father when he kisses your belly good night, reads to the baby in utero, or stays up until 3:00 a.m. putting the crib together – just in case the baby decides to come eight weeks early, you make people smile by the mere appearance — pregnancy by far one of the most miraculous and special time in any woman’s life and this is the best time to capture it.

Once your baby is born and you get busy with looking after your baby and pregnancy becomes a distant memory, your maternal photos can serve as a reminder of those feeling of happy anticipation in the years to come. After all, most women only experience pregnancy a few times in their lives, and chances are you won’t regret having a memento of that special time.


When is the best time for a pregnancy newborn photo session?

Best time for your maternity session is at the end of your second trimester, around week 26-32 — your tummy becomes very visible and round at this stage, your skin is gorgeous and glowing, your energy level is at its highest during the pregnancy and this is the best time to capture the life your are growing inside.

Having said that, I have done maternity photos at later stage of pregnancy, as long as new mum is feeling well, pregnancy photo session can be arranged.


Maternity photo session + Newborn photo session Combo

Maternity Photo session is the best one to couple up with Newborn photo session — it is continuation of your baby’s journey and your family as it grows. That’s not all — I am offering a great TWO SESSIONS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE combo. and that’s not all! You will also receive gorgeous Art Prints and Triplex, so you can enjoy your photos in professional printing quality.

Why not to think about ordering a beautiful album with your beautiful photo session? You will be able to take yourself and your baby as he grows up back to this happy times of anticipation so your baby could see that he was loved well before he was born!



Every Maternity photo session includes a vast selection of maternity gowns, dresses, suits, bodysuits and more — all that FREE OF CHARGE so you don’t have to worry about a thing!




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