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Maternity Photo Session white on white pregnancy photoshoot mother to be wearing a white dress with floating fabrics portrait image Wimbledon Photo Studio SW19

6 Steps to prepare for your maternity photo session

Do I need to prepare for Maternity photo session?

Maternity Photo session is a perfect chance to treat yourself and feel like a princess for a day! Leave this day for girl’s happy things, such as a day at a hair salon, get your nails done, put a make up on, try on those shoes that you haven’t worn for the last 4 months of your pregnancy. Your legs look stunning! Treat yourself to a nice breakfast or lunch, put your favourite perfume on and come to the Studio for your very own mother to be photoshoot!

No doubt when you prepare the result will be most stunning.

For the best result I always advice to prepare ahead of time for your maternity photo session. How? Well, let’s talk about main punters:

1. When to book your maternity photo session?

Ideal time for a maternity photo session is 27-30. End of your second trimester is a perfect time for your mother to be photo shoot, your bump is visible enough for the photos, yet you feel light and radiant. Some women may find the time closer to 40 weeks challenging and may feel heavy or very tired. Also chances are you won’t go into labour just a day before the photo session, so we won’t miss the your maternity photo session and all the wonderful memories of anticipation that come with it.

Having said that, I did photographed several mothers during very late stage of their pregnancy and the photos came out beautiful

The rule of thumb is – its best to have your photos taken than miss your opportunity. You will never be pregnant with this very baby again and you may regret not going ahead with the session. You will look and feel beautiful during the session, I guarantee it!

2. Good rest is your best friend

Most important advice I give to mums and dads is to have a good night sleep before the session! Yes, you’ve heard me! Rested men are most cooperative and the mum will glow at her best too!

3. Fuel up ahead of your pregnancy photoshoot

Have a very good breakfast before your maternity session and bring some snacks with you! As you may have noticed, your sugar levels may drop rapidly during the pregnancy, and hunger will catch you unexpectedly.

When pregnant you may feel fatigue when sugar levels get low and it can happen faster than usual! Photo session takes two hours, we want you to be feeling tired with joy not hunger.

Maternity Photo Session white on white pregnancy photoshoot mother to be wearing a white dress with floating fabrics portrait image Wimbledon Photo Studio SW19
Maternity Photo Session white on white pregnancy photoshoot mother to be wearing a white dress with floating fabrics portrait image Wimbledon Photo Studio SW19

4. Beautify yourself ahead the maternity photo session

Hair, Makeup, Nails are all important for feeling and looking your best! I recommend getting your nail appointments ahead of time (best have a fresh manicure and pedicure for your session) and book a hair salon the morning of your session time.

I am very good with Photoshop but I am no magician:) best if you have your hair and nails done ahead of the session and apply a fresh makeup in the morning.

What to keep in mind ahead of your maternity photo session:

-freshly washed and styled hair is a must. In my studio you can apply finishing touches if needed

– nails need to match those styles that we chose ahead of the session. Best if you have natural nails with French manicure or pale colours that won’t be distracting from you on the photos!

-please let me know if you want me to recommend a makeup artist if you are unsure in the skills yourself.

5. What to wear to your pregnancy photo session?

Clothes Selection is important- I have got an extensive wardrobe for a mum to be photo shoot. But I may ask you to bring certain colour underwear or grab a shirt from your husband’s wardrobe when he isn’t looking 🙂

Underwear colours I would ask to bring are

Plane White,

Plane Nude (a little darker than your skin tone ideally)

and a set of black underwear.

I have got a maternity photo session wardrobe all available for you to borrow, which includes maternity dresses as well as floating fabrics, however, if you prefer wearing your own gown I would recommend going to neutral plane colours. Grab my what to wear guide on my What to Wear Guide

Should you wish to have some casual maternity photos I would recommend bringing:
  • Jeans (make sure they look like normal jeans as your pregnancy bump may be visible)
  • Your husband’s shirt (or any other oversize shirt)
  • Black or white jacket may look very stylish
  • Black or shite trousers (you can buy those items in Asos and then return after the session, we will be very careful and keep the tags on)
  • Perhaps an oversize jumper and over the knees socks may look cute too
  • I do have 4 body suits (in beige, black and white), but if you do find one that fits and you would like to bring it along it will be great!!!#

6. Don’t forget about the Shoes!

Most of my dresses are full length ones and we won’t need to use shoes when are wearing them during your maternity photo session, however, they may come handy when we use other types of clothes (such as body suits, or underwear shots and a few others)

Shoes make your legs appear longer and always make you look slimmer! So please bring along a pair of nude hills!


Most Important is your family and your relationship. So try to lay everything out and pack your bags in the evening, check the travel times, make sure you have enough petrol in the car – so you able to relax in the morning, and arrive with no rush and in the best mood! Check your journey time and map, so you know where you are going, check for any potential road closures or underground delays, grab your good mood!!

I so look forward for taking beautiful maternity photos for you!!! They will remind you of the sweet anticipation time ahead of seeing your baby for the very first time!!!

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