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You might want to know

Answering most common Questions.

BEST TIME TO BOOK | Maternity sessions usually take place between 30-36 weeks so best to book a few months in advance.

For your newborn, it is best to book when you are still pregnant. For best availability book in after your 20 week scan. We can then schedule a time around your due date or planned c-section that can easily be moved dependent on your baby’s arrival.

We are limited to the number of sessions that take place so as soon as you decide you would like us to capture your unique newborn artwork for you then please contact us and we will get you scheduled in the diary. The date will be a ‘floating’ date and we can confirm the session date once baby arrives.

BEST TIME TO PHOTOGRAPH MY NEWBORN | Babies are best photographed under 10 days old (preferably 7 days). This may be changed if your baby is early/premature.

WHERE DO SESSIONS TAKE PLACE | Most sessions will take place in our professional studio in Wimbledon, which is within an easy reach  by public transport by (Northers Line to South Wimbledon, District Line and railway to Wimbledon Station). Studio Address is Kingswood Road, SW19 3ND. 

HOW LONG DOES A SESSION TAKE | We allow 4 hours. We will provide plenty of refreshments to keep you going. There will be plenty of time for you to relax while we capture beautiful photographs.

HOW SHOULD I PREPARE | When you reserve your  photo session date by paing your deposit we will send you all the information you need on how to get the best out of your session.

WHEN DO I SEE THE PHOTOGRAPHS | We will arrange a viewing appointment usually within 7-10 days after the studio session.

CAN YOU PHOTOGRAPH PARENTS WITH NEW BABIES | Yes, we encourage it, but it is not compulsory. We can discuss the different options with you after you have paid your deposit.

WHAT IF MY BABY DOESN’T SLEEP | Don’t worry! We are very patient – all babies will eventually sleep. We are newborn specialists and expert at baby soothing, so please do not worry.

WHAT PRODUCTS DO YOU SELL | We have a range of product including wall art canvas and framed prints. You can also buy gift prints and printable digital images with copyright included. Prices start from £345. During your studio session you will be able to see examples of the different options available. You will also get a product price list to take away and look through before your viewing.

DO I NEED TO BRING PROPS AND BLANKETS | We supply a number of blankets and props to choose from dependent on your preference. You are welcome to choose to bring along a little soft toy or any other item which is special to your newborn.


I value time of my customers and I know that it is not enough to just obtain those digital images that with the demands of life with a newborn may never see day light again. I always offer printing services to my clients for the absolutely best quality images that can not be purchased on a high street. 

 I have combined all of my packages with beautiful Art Prints, Wall Arts, Folio Boxes or Albums. The price range of your investment is between £79 to £749.